DIY Aphrodisiac Massage Candles

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Hello Friends! I loved making these aphrodisiac massage candles this past February. They were super easy to make and all the materials can be found on Amazon with a quick search.

  • 4oz metal container
  • Cotton wick
  • 2oz soy wax
  • 1oz shea butter
  • 1oz  almond oil
  • Essential oils of choice ( I used a blend called Sensual and Black Pepper, for aphrodisiac effects)


  1. Attach wick to the bottom center of container by using a strong double sided tape or hot gluing it.
  2. Melt and mix soy wax and shea butter in a double boiler ( I use a metal bowl over a soup pot with water).
  3. Take wax mixture off heat once completely melted and let cool for a couple minutes.
  4. Add almond oil and mix.
  5. Add 20 drops of essential oil total and mix.
  6. Slowly pour complete mixture into container. Don’t overfill!
  7. Using a pencil and tape or a wooden clothespin, center the wick so it stays straight while it hardens.
  8. Let cool and harden for an hour or until solid. Let candle cure for 2-3 days for best scent results.

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