April Bohemian Decor Projects



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Hello Friends! Here are some crafts I have done over the last month, as I’m starting to redecorate my home in my spirit style, Bohemian! I was recently inspired by the boho look for home decor when planning a themed ladies night. I realized it was time to really let my style flourish in my home. After years of moving around I never got comfortable enough to invest much time or energy into decorating because I knew it wouldn’t be long before we were packing again. Now that we have been in our home for a couple of years, I want to really make it a home full of coziness and color.

I had been holding on to this stool for about a year because I knew I wanted to up-cycle it into a unique side table. Well I finally finished it and I adore how it turned out. I spray painted the whole thing this beautiful blue then used a thick twine to make the shelves. It has been very useful in keeping my husbands side of the bed a little more tidy.

I really wanted some sort of peace sign decor for my living room.So using inspiration I seen on Pinterest, I was able to create this dream catcher like peace wreath. I enjoy the simple look it has as well as the pop of blue and green color.

The Hamsa note board is another long awaited up-cycle project I finally got finished. The black board used to have a mirror in it until it shattered. The frame was still in such good shape though so I never could throw it out.Basically I printed the Hamsa picture off, painted the middle board light grey, and mod podged my picture down. I happened to have some gold glitter glue so I used that to create a simple design along the edges. I wanted to make sure it still had a practical purpose so by adding a couple lines of twine with mini clips, it is now a note board. We also hang our keys here which is fabulously helpful if you are known for losing them like us.

The fairy garden is a tradition of 4 years now. My children and I would make different structures every year for our fairy guests. We didn’t make new ones this time,  just redecorated and cleaned up the ones from last year since they were in good shape. I was so happy to find these little sets of fairy garden figurines at the Dollar Tree, they are so cute even if they are a bit small.

My moon wall hanging was kind of a happy accident project. I had circle sticky felt pads, some leather cord, and an idea for moons!  I painted half of the felt pads grey and the other half a metallic blue. Using the adhesive backs of the felt pads I stuck them together with the cord down the middle. I repeated this all the way down the length of the cord. I chose to leave them whole but you could cut some in a crescent shape as well.

An easy tip for decorating Bohemian is by adding nature, more specifically plants, into your space. So I got 3 cheap plant pots and painted them with designs. Then after a trip to Lowes I picked a couple different plants and placed them in my decorated pots. Arrange in front of a bright sunny window and follow watering instructions for each plant.






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