Smudging Your Home- 4 Easy Steps



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Hello Friends! Today I found a fabulous deal on fresh organic sage at Kroger for 99 cents a pack! Grabbed every single one which ended up being 3. I made 6 small smudge sticks that would easily run $4- $5 at a local shop, for a grand total of $2.97! With that I want to share with you my personal ritual for smudging to clear out negative energies. It’s good to smudge your home when moving into a new place, after arguments, or just when the vibes feel off. You can use smudging to cleanse your stones and crystals as well.

4 Easy Steps

1.Fully light the tip of smudge stick. Then gently blow out the flame letting it smolder.

2.Take the smoke and metaphorically wash your hands in the smoke. Take some over your eyes, ears, heart, and head.

3. Start on the left side of the door and stay to the left all the way through the home, while praying the whole time asking for good energy to stay and negative energy to go away.

4. When you get to the front door “shoot” smoke out the door and put out the ashes of the sage on the doorstep, which is to protect the entrance.



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