DIY Mineral Makeup


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Hello Friends! DIY natural makeup is possible! I stopped wearing traditional makeup about 1 year ago and was looking into safer alternatives. I tried a lot of different things from beet juice for lip/cheek stain to cocoa powder for bronzer, I have tried it all. Figuring out how to make my own makeup has been amazing and saves me a ton of money every month. This foundation is by far the best quality and as natural as you can get. To get a fresh look and depending on your skin tone you will need the following MATTE Mica or Mineral Oxide powders:

Please refer to my blog post on Undertones & Color Correcting, to get your perfect shade. You will also need zinc oxide powder as your base and a mortar and pestle.


  1. Place about 2tbs of the zinc oxide powder in the mortar.
  2. Referring to my Undertones & Color Correcting information, add small pinches of mica or mineral oxide powders of each color needed.
  3. Use the pestle and grind the powder for 1-2 minutes or until throughly blended.
  4. Test shade on face to see what needs to be added. If its too light add another pinch of each color. If its too dark at more zinc oxide. If there is too much of one color lighten it and then add more of the other colors.
  5. Mix again for 1-2 minutes and re test.
  6. Place finished powder in a small clean container.

This is going to be a powder makeup so it is best used after moisturizing if you have dry skin. It can also be quickly mixed with most moisturizers to create more of a creme or liquid foundation.

This foundation recipe can be easily adjusted to make blush and eye shadow by using different mica colors.

I hope this helps you be able to create your own mineral makeup at home, it’s well worth the work to have a natural customized foundation. ❤





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