Gardening With A Brown Thumb


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Hello Friends! I am happy to say I am giving gardening another shot. We had both failures and successes last year in our garden. I am known to have a brown thumb so its still a learning process. I have successfully kept my aloe plant alive for a year now though and have also accumulated a collection of other indoor plants that are alive and well.

So we added a garden bed to the back of our shed last year and it totally flourished, I think because it gets so much sun. We went out today and got supplies to tidy it up and plant again. I grabbed 3 different kinds of flowers, I couldn’t tell you the names but I love how the yellow and orange ones pop and the maroon flowers are just gorgeous. We lined the entire bed with river rocks to frame it in. I know it might look less tidy than bricks or garden fencing, but it was super cheap and I adore the elemental touch it gives.

My herb pots were a bust last summer, I think it was from not knowing how often to water them. They all died within a couple weeks. I’m determined to have my little herb garden though! We found a great herb selection at Lowes for about $3 a plant. I decided to go with Rosemary, Lavender, Cinnamon Basil, Pineapple Sage, and Chocolate Mint. If only I could send you the smells coming from these herbs! I planted all but the Chocolate Mint, together because of the sun need differences.

Well I really hope this inspires you to plant your own garden! Whether you make a large garden or plant a single flower in a pot, Green thumb or brown thumb, just get to it. ❤

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