Buying Essential Oils: What You Need To Know

Hello Friends! I get a lot of questions from people asking which essential oils are best or which brand I use. Buying quality essential oils can take some work to find but I’m about to make your life a whole lot simpler!  I share with you my pointers to purchasing quality essential oils as well as my go to brands.

Know The Different Types Of Oils – I found this simple graphic from Dr.Axe on the different grades of essential oils. Knowing the differences will serve you well when you are reading and trying to decipher sometimes misleading labels. And ALWAYS read the labels! As you can see the closer you can get to ORGANIC essential oils, the better off you will be.


Different Uses Per Oil Grade- Synthetic oils should be avoided all together as they hold ZERO aromatherapy benefits and can actually be harmful to your body and home. However I don’t think it is necessary to use your best essential oils in a cleaning spray for example. I find that using just a therapeutic grade oil works well for cleaning, and other household needs. I keep my organic essential oils for when I use them on my body or for medicinal purposes, like steam inhalation for a cold, for example.



Plant Therapy– They are my go to for essential oils! Their line of USDA Certified Organic oils are the highest quality you can get but minus the huge price tag. Prices range from about $8- $20 for 10ml bottle.  A couple of things that keep me an extremely happy customer is their free shipping and rewards system. All orders have FREE shipping, and I don’t know about you but I cant stand paying a lot for shipping, so I love this. They really know how to keep me coming back for more with their purchase reward system. For every dollar I spend I get 10 points, 1,000 points is worth $3 OFF your next order. Super simple and they add up fast!


Lebermuth– Is the perfect option for those working with larger quantities of essential oils since their smallest size is 1 pound. They have kind of an odd selection to be honest but they cover the more popular essential oils, prices ranging from $18-$40. Comparably you are saving a good amount by buying in a larger quantity and considering their outstanding quality, you might find its worth the investment.

I hope this was helpful in your search for essential oils! Please leave me a comment or question ❤

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