June Decor Projects



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Hello Friends! I really cracked down on putting in the finishing touches around my home this month. My goal was to have the re-decorating complete in time for a Ladies Night I was hosting.

I am so happy I finally finished the Yarn Wall art piece for above my couch. It took me the longest to complete because of a few hiccups in the process, but it honestly turned out better because of the set backs I had with it. I found the yarn and wreath at my local thrift store, and the stick is from my yard. All I did was loop rows of yarn onto the stick and then attached the wreath with twine and hot glue. Super simple but I LOVE how it turned out.

I was just lucky enough to find this Eucalyptus in the clearance floral section of Kroger. It was only $2 a bundle so I grabbed 3. Some were a little rough looking so those ones went in each of my showers. I attached 2 sprigs using a rubber band. I dried out the rest of the Eucalyptus sprigs for a new decor piece. I found THEE perfect vase at the thrift store for $3. Its made of a wicker material and was the perfect size, the end result was more than I could have expected.

My bathroom desperately needed some updating in the decor area. I came across these really unique curtains at the thrift store. They were a stiff, woven, metallic, material that just screamed boho and at only $3 for a set I was buying them. I made a few holes and hung them with a clear shower curtain and called it good. It was hard to capture their true look in the picture but they look really cool in person. Another small touch I added to my boring bathroom were large black river rocks at the bottom of my sink. I know this seems weird but I actually really enjoy this Feng Shui tip. It adds a natural element to something usually very plain.

The final item I added to my bathroom was this basket wall piece. I blotted gold paint over the whole thing and after it dried I placed a small bunch of dried flowers in it. Simple as can be! The total cost was $9 a little on the higher end for me but it is such a unique decor item, it was worth every penny.

I have been buying and collecting funky looking pillows for a few weeks. Comfiness is a big part of the bohemian style and pillows are an easy way to accomplish that. Right now mine are set up as floor pillows lining the living room windows. This has actually worked pretty good for us so far since we have 3 kids and they love this cozy spot. I didn’t spend more than $3 on each pillow, most were steal at 99 cents. I spent roughly $25 total for 13 pillows!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post! I hope this has inspired you to go and do your own boho decor ❤


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