A Bohemian Ladies Night- DIY

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Hello Friends! I recently had the pleasure of throwing a Bohemian themed ladies night for some fabulous friends of mine. It was such a great success and so much fun that I wanted to share how you can plan your own Bohemian party and how I pulled mine off!


I will be honest, during the planning of this event I was extremely inspired to redecorate my home in a more boho style. That being said I used my updated decor to my advantage and didn’t need to get many decorations. My design focus for the event was comfy and full of natural elements. Here is a quick list of decor items you will want for your bohemian party:

  • Throw Pillows ( All shapes, colors, textures,)
  • String lights ( Christmas lights work just fine)
  • Potted Plants (I have 2-3 per a window sill)
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Candles (Learn how to make them HERE)

For more ideas on Bohemian decor check out these blog posts! April Decor Projects, May Decor Projects, June Decor Projects.


I wanted to do a feature drink bar while staying away from alcohol, so I made fruit & herb infused water. Guests had 3 varieties to choose from: Watermelon Mint, Strawberry Basil, and Pineapple & Pineapple Sage. The infused water is so vibrant and fresh I couldn’t have guests drinking out of paper cups. A friend grabbed these really cute handled mason jars for me, one for each guest. I wrote out a small tag with everyones name on it and stuck them to the glasses to avoid the dreaded “whose cup is this?” game.

To simplify things a bit I did a “Bohemian Style” spread of food, which just means everyone brings a dish to pass. This saves you as the hostess a little bit of time and money to focus on setting the atmosphere. My friends really came through on this, everything was SO good! We kept it pretty light and fresh doing dips and chips, mixed fruit salad, a veggie tray, and a couple sweets.


I really wanted my guests to feel in spirit of the boho style so the first 2 activities were things that could be worn. I bought these cool temporary tattoos here,  and encouraged guests to apply as many as they liked. These were a hit, everyone even took a few extras home with them at the end. The tattoos were simple and easy to apply and they looked stunning with their metallic shine.

For the next station I put out supplies for making fresh flower crowns. All you need for these is: floral wire, floral tape, ribbon, wire cutters, and of course fresh flowers. You can attach the flowers by poking the wire in the middle and stringing it through, or using the floral tape, you can attach the stems of the flower to the wire and wrap. This ended up being a tricky project for guests. You really needed a steady gentle handle to accomplish a solid crown. Everyone was able to get at least a couple blooms on their crown but they weren’t sturdy and I think most of us had problems with some falling out. I Honestly  thought everyones looked great though, you cant go wrong with flowers in your hair.

Although I gave out “Goodie Bags” (See below) I wanted my guests to have something special to them that they could take home. I thought making dream catchers was the perfect solution. I wanted to pick a design that would be easy enough for all my guests to accomplish and simple enough to do in a fairly short amount of time. All you will need for these are 6 inch metal hoops, different kinds of ribbon/yarn, and Lace fabric. Instead of doing the traditional string weave design in the middle, we used lace fabric cut to size, and hot glued it onto the hoop. I loved watching my friends make their dream catchers, you could really see their personal style come through in every single one.

The last activity I had for my guests was Oracle readings. My interest had piqued a couple months prior and I bought my first Oracle deck. I honestly used this event as a goal date to get more in-tuned with my deck. Now, I didn’t expect to be an expert in just a few weeks but the goal was to be able to give a basic reading. To my happy surprise my friends are such spiritual goddesses they took right to it and did their own one card readings. Oracle is meant to be your connection with the divine, whether you believe thats your own intuition, angels, spirit guides, the universe etc, so it’s a pretty personal thing. I think everyone felt more comfortable receiving their messages without having to announce it.

I want to mention that I always try to do an ice breaker game when I get people together who don’t know each other well. I don’t bother to keep these games in theme, I’m just trying to get everyone comfortable in a short amount of time. But everyone had such good vibes I actually forgot about doing it.

Goodie Bags

I will admit it, I love giving gifts! I’m a born gift giver, it makes me happy to brighten a friends day. With that, I chose to put together a bag of items for each of my guests to take home. I of course wanted the items to be in theme but also insanely useful and cool. Here is a list of goodie bag items:

Thanks to a kind friend of mine we were also able to include a bottle of Lemon or Lime doTerra essential oil as well as Monet hair product samples!


Thank you so much for reading! I really hope I have inspired you to create your own bohemian party, your going to have a blast!

❤ ❤




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