House Plants- 6 Simple Care Tips

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Hello Friends! It occurred to me the other day that plants are very much like having a pet. They come with a certain level of responsibility if you want to keep them happy and well. Once you get in a habit though they are not that difficult to tend to. I give you 6 simple tips for caring for your indoor plants.

1.Read Plant Info- Before purchasing any plant you should always look at the plants info. This is usually found on a plastic card inserted in the dirt. It should tell you the plants care needs like sun, watering, and soil. This will help you decide which plants will be a good fit for where you plan to place them and how much attention they need.

2.Pot Size- On the same card as the other plants info it will usually tell you how big your plant can get. Use this as a guide in how big or small of a pot to purchase. A rule of thumb I go by is to go a pot size larger than your plant at the time you buy it. So if you have a small plant you will put it in a medium sized planter, if its a large plant then you get and x-large planter etc.

3.Proper Drainage- You should always buy pots with some sort of drainage holes at the bottom this is a great way to make sure your plants aren’t going to get ” Root Rot” and that you can water them correctly. If your using a pot with no holes you can add pebbles/rocks to the bottom before adding the soil when planting.

4.Correct Watering- If your plants are in pots with good drainage then correctly watering your plants should be pretty easy. I use my finger inserted about 2 inches into the soil, and if its dry I know its time to water. I have found that over watering does more damage to a plant then under watering it. Usually under watered plants, if not too far gone, will quickly brighten up with  small drinks of water throughout the day for a couple days.

5.Look of plant- I give my plant a good look over every day before watering. A lot of plants will have natural death where leaves grow and fall off but its only a problem if a large amount of your plant is dying.

6.Pruning/Harvesting- I prune my plants just about every other day. As I said before plants have natural leaf death that occurs as it grows. Pulling those dead leafs off will help nutrients go to where their needed. Harvesting your plants is another way to get them growing faster. Usually plants like Lavender, Rosemary, Sage etc. are harvested by snipping off the fully grown stems but leaving enough to keep the plant alive.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this helps you care for all your greenery and maybe inspires you to start your own indoor plant garden. ❤


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