Anniversary Trip- Our Niagara Falls Adventure

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Hello Friends! I just had to share the amazing experience I had at Niagara Falls. My husband and I took a day trip there for our 5th wedding anniversary. I was inspired to go after my trip to Virginia and seeing my first waterfall there. So I figured why not go to THEE waterfall of all waterfalls!

We weren’t able to go the Canada route this time as I didn’t have time to get a passport to travel there. I will say it would have only saved us about an hour and a half anyways. The drive there was easy. Me and Mike took advantage of the 6 hours by listening to Podcasts on things like Life, Love, & Death. Expanding our minds! We also of course listened to a lot of different music and sang right along.

When we got there we lucked out and found great parking super close for only $10. We were expecting to have to walk way further than what we did and for a lot more in parking as well. We walked along the edge of the falls and took all the pictures we could. You don’t realize going that this is for sure a “wet” trip. The falls are so huge and powerful it feels like a light rain standing near it. This made it hard to take pictures in certain areas but we soaked in all the memories we could.

With lines and waits being kind of long we decided to only do one paid activity and that was Cave Of The Winds. This takes you down to the base of Niagara Falls. It was quite the process getting down there. First they lead you into this big room full of hands on exhibits on the history and workings of Niagara Falls. After that they lead you into another room with a big screen and show you a interactive short video on the history of the falls. They then lead you to yet another room where they give you sandals, plastic bags, and ponchos to help you stay dry. I will say we still ended up soaked but on a 90 degree day we were just fine.

After an elevator ride down we were standing at the foot of the falls, it was very exciting and intense. We walked down to this maze of decks with the one closest to the falls called the “Hurricane” deck and it certainly did feel like a hurricane standing there! The power coming from the falls left me and Mike in awe. It was freeing having the water rush over you. We made the most of our time there walking around the different decks exploring the beauty of the falls. My favorite moment of the whole trip was kissing Mike on the hurricane deck. It was a romantic memory I will cherish forever!

It was almost a spiritual experience going to Niagara falls. I left feeling totally cleansed and parts of me somewhat healed. Seeing such a huge natural force up close like that just cleans away all negativity even just for a short while.

If you made it this far thank you so much for reading! I really hope this inspires you to take your own adventure to Niagara Falls as it was such a blast for my husband and I, I know you will have fun too! ❤



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