DIY Face Masks- The 3 recipes you need!

Face Masks (5) copy

Hello Friends!  I have been taking better care of myself lately and with that comes more face masks! There are probably like a million different face masks on the market but I have found they are usually too expensive for my budget or full of toxins. I of course have done lots of experimenting over the years on natural beauty so trust me when I say, you CAN make a better face mask at home! There is also a chance that you already have some of these ingredients or at the very least will find them easily online or at your local store. They are pour and mix recipes so your looking for a suitable consistency rather then having specific amounts of each ingredient.

Magic Ingredients:

  • Raw Honey- (Fine for most skin types) Treats acne, Fades scars, Hydrating,  Delays signs  of aging, Brightening effects.
  • Coconut Oil- (Fine for most skin types) Helps heal acne, Heals stretch marks,   Slows signs of aging, Extreme moisturizing effects.
  • Aloe Vera- (All skin types) Heals stretch marks, Helps fight wrinkles,         Helps fight  acne  and acne scars, Moisturizing.
  • Charcoal- (Normal to oily skin types) Absorbs toxins, Tightens pores,  Brightens skin, Removes dirt oil and impurities.
  • Clay- (Normal to oily skin types) Tightens pores, Pulls out impurities,     Cell renewal,  Absorbs toxins.

You should have no problems combining any of the ingredients with each other but if you are looking for a little more guidance here are the best combos I have figured out so far:

Raw Honey + Organic Coconut Oil 

Clay + Aloe Vera

Charcoal + Aloe Vera 


Thank you so much for reading! ❤



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