DIY Ladder Project- 2 New Decor Pieces!

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Hello Friends! I was inspired for months by ladder decor on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to incorporate it into my home specifically for the purpose of PLANTS! I love plants but my collection was taking up all my window room and since I have an admitted problem now buying more whenever I can, I needed more space for them.  This week by chance browsing FB marketplace I found a 6ft wood ladder for just $10! I took it as my opportunity to finally have my beloved ladder decor.

This was an extremely easy project to accomplish. The hardest part is detaching it into 2 pieces. After prying an hammering at these rivets for like an hour with my husband, we were eventually given the advice to drill through the center of the rivets and push them out. I had my husband handle that, taking it apart in about 10 minutes.

With 2 clean pieces I was then able to paint them. Now if your super concerned about your paint job holding up you might not want to do it the way I did. Being cheap and wanting to get started right away, I used acrylic paints that I already owned. I picked a creamy beige and grey color for the first piece. I was low on options for paint so I got creative and used brown finger paint watered down for the second piece, it totally looks like a stain! Now is this the best way or type of paint to use? Maybe not, but I love how mine came out! It may wear down quickly or fade but I’m ok having to spruce it up again if needed.

The first piece I ended up using in my master bathroom as we have a crazy big one and I needed something large to fill the space. This worked perfectly! We made sure to secure it to the wall with nails. Again its one of those things where I’m sure theres a better way but I used what we already had available. I was able to place our bathroom products on there along with some small decor items. The plan is to fill in the rest with plants but that will have to wait at the moment.

The second piece I ended up using as a plant stand for hanging ones. I decided to put it in front of my dining room windows since that sees a lot of natural sunlight and I could squeeze more plants in that space with the height. Again, the plan is to fill it with hanging plants but I have to wait until I can find the right size pots and plants.

I am so happy with my new decor! I cant believe I was actually able to accomplish such cool pieces for my home for just $10! I really hope this inspires you to take another look at something old or used and see what it could be with a little creativeness. ❤



  1. I wonder if you protect the wood for outdoors, you could use it as a trellis for something to grow up. That would be pretty too, I have some blank wall space on the outside of my garage aching for attention. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Hello! Yes, if you do a smidge more planning than me and buy an outdoor type paint it should hold up fine. I thought about doing something with them outside, but the inside of my house needed them more! I think it would be so cool as a trellis type piece though! Great idea! Thanks so much for commenting!

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