August DIY Projects


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Hello friends! I wanted to share with you my projects from this month, I had a lot of built up creative energy I just had to let loose. So I turned my attention to my very sad empty master bathroom, but my budget for this was tight. I already shared a post on my DIY Ladder Project, where I go more in depth on how and where those pieces ended up in my home, however there were a few other items I wanted to show you.

Along with my new ladder shelf in my bathroom I added a chair and pillow. The chair I already owned but it was kind of rusting so I gave it a quick paint job. I’m not super happy with how the color turned out but for me its good enough for now. I will eventually give it a better coat of paint. I also added a small decor piece on the opposite wall. I found this metal piece at the thrift store for $3, it was originally white and didn’t look as good as it could. I gave it a light coat of  grey paint and let some of the faded metal show through since I liked how it looked. Then I got some clearance baby’s breath from Krogers for $1.99, to contrast the darker color. I love how it turned out!

I have had these two little shelves above our toilet for like 3 years, they held no decor and served no purpose. I found this great fake plant at the thrift store for $4,  that went perfect with the vibes I was trying to create. I love real plants but sometimes you want the look in spaces where you cant keep real ones alive.

A little last minute craft I did was painting these really cool garden stones a fabulous  friend of mine gave to me. They were faded and chipping in places but I knew I could make them look great again. I with as much detail as I could muster painted them with acrylics I already had. I did do a lot of  mixing though because I was limited on colors. I still need to seal them as I don’t want to see all my work chipped or washed away. I will be honest I wont be putting them in my garden, I want to find a nice spot in my home. Still on the search as to where though!

Thank you so much for reading! As always I hope I have inspired you to get crafty, whatever that may be!


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