DIY Witches Brew Party

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Hello Friends! It was that time again, me and my favorite women were due for another ladies night! Since this one fell in the month of October I took full advantage in throwing my first ever Halloween type party. Since it was all ladies I did the theme of WITCHES.


I wanted to have dark but somewhat elegant decor for this event. The Dollar Tree always has great decorative items for Halloween so that was my first stop. I was starting with zero Halloween decor so I knew I needed to find a way to cover a lot of space on my as always, small budget.

I found these cool plastic wall murals, one showing a witches den and the other one with a graveyard. These were great because they covered a good amount of wall space in both rooms. Plus they made really awesome photo backgrounds!

I put a lot of thought into how to decorate the dining table since it was the focal point of the party. I wanted everyone to have their own place setting at the table for a welcoming tone. I was able to accomplish this easily with disposable dishes and utensils, choosing layered colors of purple and black.

For the center of the table I found a few different items that came together perfectly! The first were some black roses that had eye balls in them. They had that creepy but feminine vibe I was going for so I got 2 and paired them with a green and a purple vase. I also picked up this skull statue and pumpkin decor to go in the center. I did a skull table scatter and added some homemade candles for mood, thats it!

Above the dining table I wanted to have something hanging down to add a dramatic effect. I did this way easier than I thought I would be able to using 4 tissue paper fluffs. All I did was fluff them up, attached string with varying heights, and tape them to the ceiling.

An important component to setting the atmosphere is music!  I always like to make a special playlist for any event I’m hosting to help set the vibes. I spent a ton of time putting this playlist together, perfect for any Witchy type party. I really like Spotify for playlists because after putting in a couple songs it will start to suggest songs. This was especially helpful with this playlist because I needed very specific songs to suit my theme. I find that you only need about an hour and a half of music on your playlist since you can put it on repeat one or 2 times before it gets “old” to guests. Use the one I put together or as a guide to making your own.

Witches Brew Playlist

Food/ Drinks

Seeing as this was a DINNER party I knew I wanted to make a main meal for everyone. I figured soup of some kind would be pleasing to most while feeding a large group. So I made “Cauldron Soup”; White Chicken Chili . I honestly just picked a soup I knew I could pull off and had made a million times before, so there was little room for error. I also made these cute and easy witch hat rolls. I asked  guests to each bring a dessert  to pass to complete the meal. So we ended up with a really good spread of food!

I found so many festive drink recipes on Pinterest I was kind of overwhelmed narrowing it down to just 2 options. But I ended up doing Harvest Sangria   and Spiced Rum Cider.


Even though this was more of a dinner party, I knew I wanted to do at least one activity.  So after searching for some time, I decided we had to cast a spell! Witches Balls are an easy way of casting a spell if you set your intention and have some good ingredients. I collected and dried all sorts of flowers and herbs for over 3 months so that everyone would have a nice selection to choose from for their spells.  I also researched correspondences and magical properties to make a quick reference guide for guests to use. I found these clear fillable bulbs at the Dollar Tree that were perfect for this craft. It was cool seeing how creative my guests got with theirs.

Spell Ingredients List


Goodie Bags

I always love doing goodie bags for my guests!  I wanted them to be unique and in theme. After much deliberation I finally came across these Divination Kits from an awesome small  shop online. The kits included everything needed to do divination with a regular deck of cards and also came with; incense, a smudge stick, crystal, and shell. The shop owner really worked with me on pricing, I was able to get each kit for $7. I thought they would be perfect for my guests since my Oracle cards were such a hit at my last party, now my friends could have their very own DIY decks!


I hope this inspires you to host your own Witches Brew Party! I had a ton of fun planning and hosting this event! Special THANK YOU to all my amazing friends who helped make this night a success, love you ladies forever ❤


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