Too Busy Crafting! Projects From October & November

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Hello Friends! I have been very busy the last couple of months, between the holidays and life in general, but I have managed to cram in a ton of crafts. All of these were my favorite kind of craft, the kind you do cheaply and on the fly. Thats when I feel like I have the best creations!

The agate painting came from my wanting to experiment with water color pencils. I’m not a great detailed artist so I kept my idea abstract and easy. I found the pencils were pretty easy to work with and gave that classic water colored look. I added gold paint around the edge of my agate then sprayed it with glitter because why not, glitter is pretty!

The wand was a super fun project for me, working crystals into crafting was awesome! I used a 6 inch wood dowel for the base and painted it green, as thats the color thats spoke to me most. Then using a glue gun I carefully attached the crystal to the top with a combination of twine as well. Then for some detail I added the beads, feather, and rose gem. I absolutely love how it turned out!

The button art only happened by chance, our neighbors were getting rid of some craft stuff and with it a TON of buttons. I knew I had to figure out a project to make use of these so I went to Pinterest looking for inspiration and quickly came across gorgeous button art. I made a quick moon graphic, printed it and then went to town hot glueing buttons onto it. Afterwards I framed it to give it a clean finished look.

The elephant button art was a special request I did for a friend of mine. I made this on canvas that I found at the Dollar Store and painted black. I found and printed off a blank elephant head template and used it to guide my button placement. I tried highlighting it a little bit by outlining the head in glitter glue. I used a silver sharpie to hand draw the outer designs.

I was inspired to make a couple specialty candles these past months. The first one I made is a lavender and juniper berry blend of essential oils with dried lavender bud mixed in. I found the container for this one at the dollar tree and made 3 of them. The second specialty candle I made was an energy blend of essential oils with dried sunflower and marigold. I liked to call it my friendship candle. I used recycled glass yogurt containers for these candles.

This isn’t really a craft but I was so excited, I found this nice wood shelf on the marketplace for $15. It is more than I usually like to spend for something like this but I knew it would be perfect for my crystal collection. I was keeping all my crystals in a basket but it was always out of site, now I can display them nicely so I can see and remember what positive energy’s they give off in my home.

Thinking ahead for my farmers market in the spring, I used the same free craft supplies from my neighbor and made ribbon wands to sell. I thought they would be a cute item for my booth for children. I bought 2 packs of wood dowels from the dollar store and then hot glued the ribbon and the bell. When your done you have a cool little wand any child will enjoy.

Lastly for the holiday season, I was gifted this wonderful wreath but it was a little faded and out of date. So I removed all the trimmings and starting from scratch. I left the colored lights on but added some new white poinsettias as well as a festive bow at the bottom. Its really simple but I like the cleaner look.

Thank you so much for reading! As always I hope this has inspired you to get crafty! ❤



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