Drying Herbs & Flowers – DIY The Easy Way

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Hello Friends! As I go along in my natural living journey I get so happy looking back to see how far I have come. Just in this last year I have really gotten the hang of plant care and gardening, before that I couldn’t keep even a cactus alive. With that said I now have windows full of  healthy plants and my last outdoor garden bloomed beautifully! I realized that being able to grow my own herbs/plants/flowers opened up a whole new crafting world to me.

Its winter here right now so I have nothing of my own growing outdoors. But I only like to dry certain things, herbs and flowers make the most sense to me as far as usability. I don’t grow those indoors so I rely on my local Krogers. They always have a great flower selection, a lot of which I find on clearance. They also have fresh bundles of herbs for $1.99 a pack. Again, I can usually find these on clearance for $0.99 a pack. If you are lucky enough to grow herbs/flowers indoors then you should be able to harvest some and get right to crafting.

Now that you have a better idea of what types of things to dry and where you can find them lets move onto how to actually dry and preserve your herbs and flowers. I have tried a couple different methods of drying and preserving herbs/ flowers. I will just say straight off the bat that a dehydrator was the easiest, fastest, and had the best results. I got lucky and was able to borrow one from a friend of mine. If you are not so lucky, or cant afford one, there are still many drying options, don’t worry!

As I said, the dehydrator is the easiest and best way in my opinion to dry your herbs/flowers. The one I used has 8 layer trays which allow me to do quite a bit of dehydrating at a time. I do have to rotate the trays some depending on how fast their drying , I check on them about every hour. When the bottom one is fully dehydrated I remove it, moving down the second tray and repeating this process until all the trays are complete. The drying times vary depending on the type of herb/plant but just figure roughly 2-3 hours per a tray.

The first option you can try if you do not have a dehydrator is hang drying upside down. For example, if you have a bouquet of flowers you would tie off the end at the stems and hang somewhere dry in your home for a couple weeks. The problem with this method I have found is that ; certain flowers don’t dry correctly this way, and because its a slower process there is a potential for mold issues. I have had both success and failures with this option. The second method you might try is using your oven placed on its lowest temperature, at least 200 F or below.  Place your herbs/flowers on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake at this low temperature for a couple hours or until the are fully dehydrated.

There are a lot of creative things you can do with your dried herbs/flowers like smudge sticks, potpourri, art, etc. but I will cover this more in my next blog post.

As always thank you for reading! ❤





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