The Season Begins- Rocking 2019!


Hello Friends! This winter was a tough one I have to say. The bitter cold and lack of sunshine really got to me. But spring is officially here and I can feel good vibes in the air. A lot of changes have happened over the last few months so I wanted to give a brief update and tell you whats coming up for me and Christine Love Crafts in 2019!

Last year I was lucky enough to get into my local farmers market as a vendor selling my candles. It was a fabulous experience! Everyone was so welcoming to me, vendors and customers alike and I am so happy to say I will be back again this year starting May 4th!

Well late last season I met the owner of A Midnight Artistry, Victoria Launiere, another vendor at the market. We immediately hit it off having similar interests, products, and goals for our businesses. Having said that, Victoria and I have decided to team up on our events this season and do a joint booth! I am so excited to be a part of a team with her, she is amazing to work with and has so much to teach me from her years of experience in events. I feel blessed to have found my sister in business ❤

Adding to the excitement with Victoria, we are also hosting our very own event on May 18th called the All Creatures Healing Fair. This will be held at the awesome Heavenly Horse Stables in Pinckney, MI. We will have over 40 holistic vendors including: unique artisans, holistic healers, energy workers/readers & more. So mark your calendars and join us for this very fun event!

As for my products, they have seen some big changes as well. I completely switched up the scents for my candles. I now have 6 specialty scent blends; Happy, Romance, Rest, Focus, Peace, & Clean Air. All meet a different aromatherapy need which is great for a variety of people. I like how these blends are made up of easily recognizable essential oils but in the perfect ratios for desired effect and scent.

Stay tuned, there is so much more to come this year from me! As always thank you for your support, every little bit means so much to me ❤





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