May Crafts-Working With My Garden


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Hello Friends! The month of May felt like it flew by! With much nicer weather it has had me in the crafting spirit. Our new home is proving to still hold some surprises. We have been exploring more and more of our yard and I’m finding we have a lot of gorgeous flowers and plants coming in everywhere! This has absolutely been my inspiration this month.

I LOVE Lilacs! I’m drawn to their beautiful scent and really look forward to it every year. Well until now we have been renters so I was never willing to plant one where we lived before. But now that we are homeowners I knew it was one of the first things I wanted to plant.  To my happy surprise though I found one on the side of our yard a couple weeks ago! So me and the kids went out and harvested a few small bunches. There are a ton of things you can make with Lilacs but I decided to make an infused oil and then dehydrate the rest for potpourri.

All I did to make the infused oil is throughly rinse the flowers and pat dry. Then I placed them in a clean mason jar with 1 cup of coconut oil. Place the lid on tightly. Let that sit in a dark cool place for a few days giving it small shakes here and there. Once it’s infused strain the flower material out using cheese cloth. Thats it! You have a light lilac scented oil with all its healing properties too.

Taking use of more of the flowers in my yard I harvested a variety that I thought would dry nicely. Once I had them dehydrated I decided to make canvas art with them. The Dollar Tree sells these little canvas’s in a 3 pack, so I bought those. Using acrylic paint I had on hand I did a rough background on each of them trying to use different strokes for visual texture. I then used a clear tacky glue and placed my flowers. I let that dry and then did a coat of the clear glue over the whole canvas to seal it and give a bit of shine. I’m so happy with how they turned out, I might actually make it a regular craft I do.

Although we already have a lot of plant life at our house I knew there was more that I wanted to have on hand for things like smudge sticks and sun tea. So I stopped at the Home Depot and grabbed a few different herb plants for $2.50 each. I went with Lavender, Rosemary, Sage,Lemon Balm, Peppermint, and Sweet Mint. I figured these were ones I knew how to utilize the most. They should grow out a good amount by fall so I made sure to space them from each other a little bit. Then I added a black mulch to give it a cleaned up look. Im so excited to have the space this year for a proper herb garden, I think they will do a lot better this way than in past years with the potted herb gardens.

The last craft I did was something I just threw together after seeing a friend do it for her son. Every summer we go through the struggle of water balloons. They are so fun for the kids but they are pain to fill and last 5 seconds for all that work. Even the easy fill ones have their faults. So when I seen these I thought they were genius! You buy a half dozen regular soft sponges from the Dollar Tree, cut each one into 3 pieces, and connect 4 pieces with a rubber band in the middle. You put them in a bucket of water or a pool to get them wet and then you can toss them around and it works just like a water balloon!

I hope this has inspired you to craft more with nature! Until next time ❤



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