Crystal Work- 5 Ways To Use Your Crystals Today

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Hello Friends! I Love crystals! So I love incorporating crystals into every part of my life. I have learned a lot over the last couple years on how best to work with them and it should be an easy integration into your daily routine. If you haven’t yet, you might want to check out my previous post on Beginner Crystals – The 7 Crystals You Need.

Before you begin working with your crystals there are a couple things that are good to do so you can receive the maximum benefits. When you first get your crystal home you will want to cleanse and charge it. Cleansing rids your crystal of any old or negative energy and gives you a fresh slate in a sense with it. Charging strengthens your crystals energies as well as focuses your intentions into it.

You can cleanse your crystal by lighting a smudge stick ( bundle of dried herbs, usually sage)  and passing the crystal through the smoke or you can run cold water over the crystal for a few minutes to cleanse it. If you’re near a natural body of water thats even better for cleansing your crystals. You will want to make sure your specific crystal can withstand water before using this option. You can charge you crystal by setting it out in the sun or moon light for several hours giving it a chance to soak up the positive vibrations.

1.Wear Them: One of the simplest ways to gain access to your crystals energies is just by wearing it. Having crystals on your body allows them to go with you easily throughout your day lending their magical touch. I like the spiral cage necklaces that allows you to switch out similar sized stones depending on your needs. But you can wear your crystals however you like, I even used to carry them in my bra.

2. Meditate With Them: I try to meditate at least a few times a week because it is such a good way to ground and renew yourself. Only 5 minutes a day can do wonders for the spirit. Adding crystals just makes the experience even better! To meditate with your crystals sit comfortably and hold the crystal in your left hand. Examine it visually before closing your eyes. Take a few deep slow breaths.Try and focus on what energies your crystal is bringing to you. Notice any slight humming or warm sensations you feel coming from it. Do this for a few minutes building up to longer periods of time. There are many other ways you can incorporate crystals into your meditations, get creative!

3. Drink Them: This is a really cool way to use your crystals. To make your magical water you will want to use polished or really smooth crystals. Place them at the bottom of a clean jar, then fill with distilled water. Place lid on tightly and set your jar in a sunny spot for 2-8 hours. You may even want to say a small blessing over it to fully put in your intentions. After the sun has “infused” the crystals energies into the water, remove the stones. You can now enjoy your crystal water and all its high vibrations.

4.Heal With Them: If you believe in the idea that all life is made up of energies and vibrations like I do, then you will understand how crystals can have a healing effect on the body. Let me explain, in the Chakra system it is believed that illnesses stem from having blockages in one of the 7 energy centers of the body. It is theorized that by placing crystals at certain points the crystals energy will help re- align the energy centers of the body therefore helping heal the illness. To try this healing technique for yourself you will want to lie down and close your eyes, then place your crystal on the corresponding chakra center/’s. For example; if you are having communication problems you will place your crystal on the Throat Chakra. Matters of love? Place the crystal on your heart Chakra. Then you can focus on your crystals healing energies flowing into your body and shifting your energy for the better. I recommend doing this for at least 10-15 minutes as often as you feel.

5. Decorate With Them: This is probably the easiest way to add crystals to your life and thats simply by placing them in your space. Just by adding certain crystals to different rooms in your house you can raise the vibrations and assist in all aspects of  life. For example: Amethyst in the bedroom helps aid in relaxation for sleep, having psychic dreams, and keeping nightmares away. Citrine is great for an office to bring in prosperity and success.

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope this has inspired you to start your own journey with crystals! Until next time ❤


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