Why I Stopped Using Facebook- A Toxic Social Network


So I will admit this strays away from what I usually choose to write about, but I felt it was important to do anyways. Facebook is an ever growing social network that has become inherently ingrained in our society and culture. At first glance it is an easy way to connect with family, friends, community, and more. Unfortunately there is a very ugly side to using this platform as a daily part of life.

Most of us are aware that Facebook is detrimental to our mental well being yet why are we so addicted to it? Why do we have such a hard time disconnecting from the very thing that fuels our anxieties and frustrates us? I, myself have had a love/ hate relationship with it for years, going periods of time with it and without it. I again recently made the decision to permanently delete my account. It was a combination of things that made me choose to disconnect but I think the overall theme is the same for many people.

I will explain the Top 4 reasons Facebook proves again and again that it is a toxic space to engage in.

1. Facebook consumes your time and becomes your whole life: Fb has much to gain from you spending a lot of time on their site. Which is why they have made it a virtual one stop shop for daily life. Messenger, Marketplace, Groups, Games etc. are all ways they use to keep you more and more active within their platform. The point here is that instead of living in the outside world you end up wasting a ton of time in a virtual one.

2. Facebook makes you deal with useless people: You have hundreds of people on your friends list most of whom play no actual role in your real life. We allow these people to stay in the loop of our personal lives even though they offer very little back to us. We give away our energy and time to everyone and their third cousin leaving nothing for the important family and friends. I would also like to point out that FB has become a space where no comment, post, or reaction, goes without someone else having an opinion about it. These negative interactions can also be very draining and time wasting.

3. Facebook makes you addicted to recognition and attention: Admit it, there is a great amount of excitement when you get a new like or comment on something you have posted. But over time this becomes an addicting game that we can never feel fulfilled in. We end up needing more and more recognition to get that same “high” of attention. This only teaches us that our self worth is determined by how many people “like” us at any given moment.

4.Facebook makes us compare our lives in a destructive manner: We all do it, displaying only what we want on our pages, usually the exciting highlight reels of our day to day. But the persona’s we create for our social media accounts can be absolutely different than what our lives are actually like, leaving us vulnerable to comparing everyone’s online lives to our real ones. You end up feeling like your in competition which is extremely draining on your mental space.

As an empath I found Facebook to be a very negative soaked platform that only left me feeling terrible. Once I decided to break away from its chains I realized how free I was to build up my real world in a whole new way. Join a new movement of people who are saying goodbye to FB for good and welcome in healing from finally logging out. ❤





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