Easy DIY Furniture Makeover


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Hello Friends! So this is a by chance post to say the least. I was not planning on doing any major furniture projects because they can be a lot of work and nothing in my house needed it that bad. That is, besides the fact that my dining room table was a disaster! We really needed a new one but honestly as long as it stood we had no justification for spending money.

Fast forward to the other day and we noticed our neighbors were tossing this full dining room set. Not just any set, it was an old school type with the heavy wood that weighs at least 500 pounds. But if you don’t already know, they do not make furniture like they used to. It’s so cheap now a days and made from junk materials, that have never been able to withstand more than a few years in my house. So we really love finding older pieces because they were just built so much stronger.

Now I’m not like a professional refinisher or anything. I like to keep things simple and easy, so with that being said this may not be the most ideal way to paint furniture but it worked out great for me.

I started by wiping down all the pieces with a natural cleaner that doesn’t contain any oils. Vinegar and water are a safe bet here. Get into every crevice and scrub it down good. You will want to let everything dry for about 15 -20 minutes.

While that was drying we took a trip to Home Depot for some paint. I went with a paint and primer all in one in Satin Espresso, that would be used for all the wood pieces. I knew I didn’t want to mess with reupholstering the cushions but from the feel of them I thought they might take to a spray paint nicely.  I had never actually tried painting fabric before though but I decided on a really light shade called solstice blue for the cushions anyways.

I then unscrewed the cushions from the chairs so I could paint each piece more easily. With the espresso paint I started painting the chair wood pieces. I tried to use my best paint form here because any sloppy strokes would show when it dried. So smooth, smooth, smooth, with your paintbrush!  It took 3 coats to cover but the final finish looked fabulous. I repeated this on the other 3 chairs.

To renew the cushions all I did was spray paint them with the solstice blue shade.  Whatever fabric this was soaked up the paint a good amount, so for 4 cushions it took me 3 cans of paint to fully cover.The end result was surprisingly cute though. I wasn’t 100% sure my spray paint idea would work, but it did!

I saved the table for last because I thought it might take the longest, but I actually got it done fairly quickly. I will say using a small roller brush for the flat surface really helped. I tried to go with the grain of the wood for the most part to keep a smooth look. It took 3 coats to cover, again using the satin espresso paint.

You will want to let the coats dry for at least 30 minutes in between, or up to an hour for best results. You may also want to apply a light coating of lacquer over everything if you really want durability. I was about over painting everything by this point though so I chose not to. All in all this project cost us about $40 which I will say compared to the cost of getting a new dining set, is absolutely nothing.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! Until next time ❤





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