DIY Zen Den- Major Makeover!


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Hello Friends! I am so excited to be writing about this DIY/ Makeover! We have been slowly working on our house since we got it in March. Luckily we didn’t have to do much of anything to the upstairs, but the basement was a whole other story. But I digress, I’m here to talk about one area in particular for now; The dreaded basement closet. We had given it a rough clean after we moved in but it has sat since then collecting dust and bugs to say the least.

Well I finally had an idea of what to do with it, even though it was going to be a good amount of work. I would turn it into a ZEN DEN! I really needed a quiet place I could meditate and relax in and I knew it was worth giving this space a chance. So I declared the space as mine to my husband and set out planning how in the hell I was going to turn this dreary part of my basement into somewhere good enough to zen out in.

As you can tell from the before pictures this space was a disaster. No where anyone would want to be let alone meditate in. It was also very small like 6ft by 8ft roughly,  it was a closet after all. So I knew I was going to have to stick with light colors, and add lighting.

Demo & Lots of Painting

We started by taking down majority of the shelves to open it up more. I decided to leave some in to provide decor and storage space since I wouldn’t want to waste floor space for that. I then painted most of the shelves a cream white. I wanted a little bit of color though so I painted 3 of the back shelves with a gold and sparkle paint. We found this cute wallpaper in here so I actually used it to line the rest of the shelves I didn’t paint. It worked well but I did end up having to glue the edges down.

On the left wall I painted a darker blue and I also painted it with a blue sparkle paint because why not, sparkles are amazing. It was the only side of the room that wasn’t brick so I just used the paint I already had. Now the other two walls were just brick and tended to be moist so I used a masonry water sealer on these walls. This covered really well and immediately brightened up the space. I chose an off white color for this because it would reflect light the best and give it an overall clean look and feel.

We were already painting the whole basement floor around this time so I went ahead and painted the floor in here as well. We had picked a really light blue/ white shade for the floor which was a huge difference from the dingy beat up look it had before.

Decor/ Lighting

Now that I had a clean slate I could do the really fun part, decorating! First on my list was lighting. The one overhead light was just too much for the vibes I was trying to create in here so I hung string lights across the left wall where there was a lot of shadow. I also laid tiny twinkle lights across the shelf on the right wall, this gave the space a soft glow.

I took a bench from our old dining room set and put it against the left wall for some basic seating. It was perfect in here size and color wise. I already had a ton of cool pillows so I put them here for some boho feels as well as texture. Speaking of texture, the floor was great and all now that it was painted but basement floors are cold and hard, so I bought a grey rug to help.

Most of the other decor I already owned or was part of my altar but now that I basically had a whole room to myself for meditating and witchery I spread it all out. I will be adding to this space as time goes on, probably a couple more rugs at the very least. But I’m over the moon happy with how this whole room came out! Totally zen, perfectly decorated to my taste, and all the right vibes.

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope this has shown you that you can turn any space around into something beautiful and useful, you just have to be a little creative ❤


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