My Magic Meditation – 4 Steps


Hello friends! In light of the launch of my new Spiritual Goddess Kit, I thought I would share with you how I go about my own meditation practice for awakening my inner goddess.

Any spiritual teacher will tell you that you don’t need any fancy or expensive tools to practice meditation. Meditation can be done anytime, anywhere. But when you are just starting out it can be easier to have tools to help you focus your intentions and energy. That’s why my Spiritual Goddess Kit is a great starter set to have!

Please remember that we each are on our own journey, what may work for me may not feel right for you. So go ahead and add to or subtract anything that I suggest to make your own unique ritual.

1. Prep Your Space: Create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Light a candle, light some incense. Make sure you it’s somewhere you won’t be interrupted. Make yourself comfortable with pillows and blankets if need be. Put on some light music with no words.

2. Cleansing: Cleanse your meditation space as well as yourself with Florida Water. Spritz the Florida Water around the room holding the intention of cleansing all negative energies. Then spritz a small amount on your pointer finger and dab over your 7 chakra points on the body. For an even deeper cleanse, take a warm bath and wash with the Rosemary and Sea salt soap.

3. Breathe: Take 10 deep mindful breaths. Inhale for the count of 3, hold for 3, and exhale for 3. Letting thoughts float by if they must, but going back to the breathe as soon as you catch it. Hold the Selenite Wand to help you stay focused as well as to help you connect to your intuition.

4. The Practice: Meditation is usually referred to as a practice and for good reason. It takes a good amount of PRACTICE before you start to notice the benefits. Our minds naturally want to stay active in our usual thinking patterns. Meditation is exercise for the brain, just like any exercise routine it can be difficult in the beginning and takes dedication to continue. There are so many different styles of meditations I can’t say I do the same one every single time which is why I leave this section up to you to explore more. Maybe start with guided meditations on YouTube and go from there as you advance, or practice seeing how long you can keep negative or worry thoughts at bay.

I really hope this has helped you start your own meditation ritual. Thank you so much for reading ❤ ❤ ❤





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